Support Our Lady Une, Get Discounts

As some of you may already know, Android 21, our lovely actress for Lady Une in MSAGW, has hit a rough patch the last few months and needed some help financially to make rent and stay in her home. You all contributed to her GoFundMe back in March and she was able to stay afloat, find a new job and keep things going. She, and we, sincerely appreciate your help!

Currently, though, she’s still working to make ends meet and found a neat alternative for all you nerds out there who love collectibles. (Myself included.)

By using code “A21PERK” on Entertainment Earth, you’ll receive a discount on your purchase and our Une actress will receive a small kickback. Everybody wins.

If you haven’t used Entertainment Earth before, it’s an online storefront for action figures, statues and other memorabilia based in California. They have all kinds of stuff, including Gundam and Dragonball figures, and I know from our Discord server that a lot of you are into those.

So if you were in the market for a new figure for your shelf, give Entertainment Earth a look. And if you find something you like, use code “A21PERK” for a discount and help our dear Lady Une in the process.

Thanks gang. You’re the best.