Gundam Wing on Toonami turns 24! To celebrate, we’ve remastered and re-released our Toonami Special– with an all-new ending! The cast of MSA:GW finds themselves having to censor themselves to comply with 2000s era Cartoon Network rules.

[ Rights to New Mobile Report: Gundam Wing belong to TV Asahi, Sunrise, Viz Media and Bandai Namco. This is a not-for-profit parody. ]

Music Credits

The “New Mobile Report: Gundam Wing” OST by Kow Otani

“Toonami Deep Space Bass: Gundams Are On Earth” by Joe Boyd Vigil

“Toonami Deep Space Bass: Broken Promise” by Joe Boyd Vigil

“Just Communication (Instrumental Version)” by Two-Mix

“Christian Side Hug” by Ryan Pann