All images taken at Island Station Media Lab.

OPMeat is a group of creative friends creating content we’re passionate about. We are based around Portland, OR, though our team has grown past our initial size and scope and now has contributors all over the United States and even internationally!

We’re just two brothers.

Staindgrey and Luckyblue are the creators of OPMeat. We also write, direct and produce every video we create.

We’re creators, performers, writers and editors just trying to make cool stuff.

Starting in 2016, Operation Meatier began as a group of friends in their mother’s basement gathering to create something new. What resulted was a creative team with many projects, including Mobile Suit Abridged: Gundam Wing and Dragonball Abridged: Goku Time.

With your support, we’ve grown past our initial limits and plan to grow even further, with new talent, new ideas and a brand new web site to host it all.

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