So we apparently have seven days.

This morning I awoke to an email notification from my phone. As has been my new normal for the last two years, I dreaded opening it up for fear that it was an email from Youtube telling me to go to hell. (They always seem to throw copyright bots in the dead of night. Wonder why.)

Anyway, this is the email I woke up to:

Needless to say, my morning didn’t start off great.

For now, we’re preparing for a shutdown of the channel by moving all of our content to Vimeo and embedding it here; you’ll find all of Mobile Suit Abridged: Gundam Wing and Dragonball Abridged: Goku Time here on while we look into our options. Next week, we’ll upload the rest of our content, including all the Q&As, our first Movie Night Mondays and, my personal favorite, our On The Side Fire Emblem special. You’ll find it all here once we wait out Vimeo’s time limits on uploading.

But even though I’m prepping for the worst possible scenario, we haven’t given up on saving out channel. All of your comments and the history recorded over the last five years is irreplaceable to us, and we’re looking at every option we have available to us to keep it from going down.

If you have any suggestions or help to offer, comment below or reach out to us at [email protected]. Or, if you simply want to help us fund this website and keep production going, you can make a pledge on our Patreon and become a Cool Caper. Any help is appreciated– it’s stressful enough handling this alone while working my dayjob in 115° heat!